Ángel González

Founder & CEO

Boomer entrepreneur. He is a restless dreamer in all counts of life, and a free agent provocateur at the professional arena. A bit shy, likes to be alone and hates stupidity in life…meaning he is not very social. That is why he setup his own Social Media Advertising Company, quite paradoxical right?

Ángel does love advertising and has an extensive 30 years experience bringing brands into life while dealing with different roles at multinational agencies: from junior account executive to co-President in a journey that started in general consumer advertising and continued in healthcare branding

Back in 2009 he decided that it was about time to entrepreneur. At that stage, the horizon of the new collaborative economy was rising and, envisioning that brands were going to be co-created on what was coined as the new markets of conversations, resulted in his what next dream: Ideagoras. A dream that came true resulting in the creation of a new category that provides big value to multinational organizations in a Global, European and Spanish basis.

You can learn more about him at his Twitter profile @angel189

Mónica González

Mónica González

Client Services Director

Mónica has developed her profesional career seeking a “horizontal knowledge” on digital marketing.

Graduated in Tourism by the Carlos III University, she has worked on Community management, e-mail marketing, ASO/SEO, Project Management, Account management and Business development.

Furthermore, she has experience across different industries such as Healthcare and Pharma, or FMCG and retail.

Customer’s satisfaction is her main objective. She is always aiming to improve the client-agency relationship by setting an excellence level service.

She describes herself as a team player, pro-active, and “US culture geek”

You can learn more about Mónica at her Twitter profile @monica0310

Alvaro García

Social Media Executive

He is graduated in Marketing & Market Research. During his degree, he found his love for analytics and research. Later on, he decided to move to Barcelona, where he studied a master in Marketing & Sales Management and continue developing his Digital Marketing knowledge and experience.

Sports lover, he can’t stand still. He is a very proactive person who loves challenges. Also interested in new technologies and their application on Marketing.

You can learn more about Álvaro at his Twitter profile  @ggalvaro89

Andrea Terroba

Social Media Executive

She is a journalist who studied at Navarra’s University and later specialized in Data Journalism, endorsed by the UNIR Master’s Degree.

Right after graduating from University, Andrea pursued her passion for the radio and was able to take part in a great adventure at Cadena SER for a year. There she learned to work under pressure and to truly value teamwork.

She then came into contact with Corporate Communication and Marketing in an agency where she took her first steps in the sector and in Social Media at a professional level.

After work, her biggest addiction is binge-watching TV series. It’s difficult to get her out of there but, when she has enough spare time, she tries going to the swimming pool to get some laps done.

At times she can really consider herself a true geek, due to her passion for new technologies and how she believes these are pushing us into the future.

You can learn more about Andrea at her Twitter profile @soloterroba

Clara Villasante

Social Media Junior Executive

She studied a Tourism degree and a master’s degree focused on Digital Marketing and Social Media. As she believes that nobody should stop learning, she still continues her formation studying an Innovation and Digital Marketing master’s degree. She believes that companies are taking the risk heading to the two-way conversation type on Social media, even though we should keep working to connect in a human level on the digital environment.

She loves working in a team that shares qualities such as creativity, sense of initiative and willingness to face challenges. She is curious and enjoys reading daily news related to the digital environment, innovation, new technologies, and future developments. Furthermore, she is a fan of rural getaways, animals and is a great films lover.

You can learn more about Clara at her Twitter profile @claravillasante  

Oriana Abreu

Social Media Executive

Three words that define her the most: creativity, enthusiasm and empathy. Oriana is a sociologist from Universidad Central de Venezuela and she specialized in social networks and digital marketing after working in an agency as a copywriter.

Oriana has been working in creative agencies as a community manager and social media specialist for four years in Venezuela, Ecuador, and then she crossed the ocean for leaving in her dream city: ¡Madrid!

She is passionate about ideas and she believes that, nowadays, social networks need humanity, connection and closeness. She is also a dreamer, animal lover, team player, loves watching TV series and wearing pajamas on Friday nights.

You can learn more about Oriana at her Twitter profile @orivi_

Rubén Gamboa

Rubén Gamboa

Social Media Designer & Editor

An image says more than a thousand words. If the image is also correctly processed it can say more than a million. Rubén is constant in this aspect and loves to work a material to turn it in something original and unique. He likes to sculpt a rock and turn it in a chocolate cake.

He studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Burgos. Also he studied a master in motion graphics and 3D. He has worked on television and audiovisual companies as a camera operator and video editor. He is convinced that social networks are the new engine of communication. Lover of photography, travel and music. He is also passionate about sports. An optimistic person, with initiative, and happy to work in he likes it.

“Meticulous in what I know and curious in what I do not know”. Learn more about Rubén at his Twitter profile @RubenGamboaBart

Rafael Cuéllar

Junior Graphic Designer

“Rafael is passionate about creativity and digital design. He was born in Alcalá de Henares like his good countryman Miguel de Cervantes (writer of Don Quixote). He is graduated in Audiovisual Communication to understand the world as only a “madman” would.

He completed his training with a Master in Game Design and Development, strengthening his skills in Design and 3D. He likes to empathize whit people`s feelings, understand them and materialize all this in content through the new technologies of the information society. In his spare time, you can find him creating, playing videogames or… playing drums! It`s always good to make some noise…”

You can learn more about Rafael at his Twitter profile @RafaelCuellar17

    Paula Alvear

    Social media designer trainee

    Paula is an enthusiastic, creative, resourceful, and idealistic person. You can always count on her for the most creative collaborations.

    She has studied Fine Arts career at Rey Juan Carlos University in Aranjuez, where she developed her graphic design skills. In addition to strengthening her innate artistic abilities, she has obtained the technical skills necessary to interpret the world around us through creative expressions as a phenomenon that illustrates our daily life and that is necessary to apply when materializing projects.
    Her greatest passions are found in painting, illustration and photography. She has always been attracted to marketing projects and uses her creativity to bring out its core meaning. Because in marketing, we are able to see the value of the brand through visual design. She likes to work in teams as it brings out infinite ideas that can be transformed reality.

    She is very sociable and likes to learn from what other people can teach and contribute. As an optimistic person, she always tries to turn the situation around so she doesn’t let her or anyone else sink.

    “The artist must have something to say, because his duty is not to master the form but to adapt it to a content.” Vasili Kandinski

    Sandra Eceizabarrena

    Sandra Eceizabarrena

    Managing Partner

    Marketing professional with a vast experience firstly as advertiser and afterwards as practitioner in consumer advertising agencies. She set-up her own PR agency time ago, living the experience of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. At some point of her life, Sandra took a long maternity break taking care of her four kids while providing support and savvy professional advice during the management career of her husband…you guess well, his name is Ángel González

    With a unique strategic vision, she has been key in providing the needed inputs to conceive and bring into life what is Ideagoras. Tireless workingwoman in all counts, she is capable to balance her responsibilities as CFO of the company with her duties as a mother

    You can learn more about Sandra at her Twitter profile @eceizab4


      Happiness Manager

      Obi-Can Kenobi, better known as @obiGromenauer, is a canine Jedi Master sensitive to licking that serves the Galactic Republic of Ideagoras. Born on planet earth, specifically in Huelva’s landscapes, Obi was taken as the Padawan apprentice after being welcomed, initially temporarily, by his teachers @angel189 @monica0310 and @eceizab4

      Such was his dedication to his teachers, that they decided to adopt him and name him the universal representative of the mother ship at Ideagoras.
      His main mission is to be the Happiness Manager and to defend Social Media with claws and teeth.

      You can learn more about him at his Twitter & Instagram profiles @ObIdeagoras