BBVA - Ideagoras Conference 2015

We are committed to evangelize and mentor to all our stakeholders and friends on what Social Media Marketing stands for in the new collaborative economy

That is why since 2009 we organize a one-day conference with the support of the BBVA Center of Innovation about Innovation and Social Media in Healthcare.

As the Social Web is global, these conferences have an international character that is shown in the speaker panel, the audience and the topics addressed.

Here you are the visualization and the videos on how was the #Ideagoras 2015 unique experience…spread the word!

Tim Leberecht
Tomorrow´s Brands Must Be Smart…and Romantic

Anne Seubert
The Romantified Self

Elisa Martín Garijo
IBM Watson, a unique cognitive system enabling a new partnership between people and computers

Discussion Panel

Tim Leberecht interviewed by PR Noticias

Anne Seubert interviewed by PRNoticias

Tim Leberecht interviewed by the BBVA Center of Innovation

Tim Leberecht on “The Rebels Entrepreneurs and Romanticism”

Worldwide geotagged tweets with the hashtag #Ideagoras days 26 to 30 of October 2015

The Conference at the Social Web