Ideagoras 2014 Website

Here you are the visualization and the videos on how was the #Ideagoras 2014 unique experience…spread the word!

Leif Abraham & Antonella Broglia
A Conversation About A New Brand Territory Called Madison Valley.

David Berkowitz
The End of Storytelling, The Shift to Storymaking.

Alex Mecklenburg
Stop Thinking Digital, Start Thinking Culture – the role of brands in shaping the world we all want.

Ryan Skinner
Forrester ‘Beyond the Campaign’.

Alex Gibelalde
Branding #LIVE.

Silja Chouquet
How Healthcare Conversations On Twitter Give Shape To Pharma Brands’.

Worldwide geotagged tweets with the hashtag #Ideagoras days 3 to 7 of November 2014
Symplur Network Centrality Interactive Graph showing the Twitter convo with the hashtag #Ideagoras on November 6th 2014