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Messaging Apps have surpassed Social Networks. BI Intelligence

We have evolved from “one to many” sharing at the Social Web to “one to one” due to the massive adoption of tools such WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Snapchat, among others. This is the reflect of the current expectations of users: keep satisfying the need of share content, but in a more intimate environment. This means a challenge for traditional social networks. Facebook has dealt with this issue rapidly with their awesome 1-1 app Facebook Messenger and their amazing ChatBots.

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But this is a big threat as well for marketers… or an opportunity. The big value of social networks always had to do with connecting your brand with the individual’s members of whatever community through listening, sharing relevant content and, of course, by dialoguing. Not a simple task, as we all can see when taking a critic perspective at the current Social Media Marketing Landscape. But now…how to become, as a brand, one of those 1 to 1 individuals the bloggers want to relate with?

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At Ideagoras, we can help you on this challenging new scenario. We do have expertise on dealing with this combining the “one to many sharing” with the new “one to one” dialogue and interaction between brands and your individual clients.

We are eager to bringing you light at Dark Social.