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In order to foster conversation and dialogue on the latest and disruptive trends, we run in a regular basis our "Pre-Work Talks" bringing to our particular agora the voice and opinion of thought leaders and visionaries on innovation and digital economy. These sessions are open to all our friends and broadcasted on real time through Periscope and our Facebook Live channel.

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The Day that the Brands Died

Agustín Medina, international thought leader in Creativity & Advertising

How does creativity arise in our brain?

Mónica Kurtis, MD

Everything Happens…If You Want Make It Happens

José Luis Casal, entrepreneur and CEO at Talk2Us

Lucky Ignorants!

José Antonio Alguacil, founder and CEO at IlusionLabs.

My mistakes as an entrepreneur and investor

Emilio Márquez, entrepreneur and CEO at La Latina Valley.

Sustainable Development Goals

Belén Viloria, Cultural & Social Innovator.

Moonshot Thinking

Ángel González, Founder and CEO of Ideagoras.

The Club of the Misunderstoods

Malena Calva, Head of Endesa´s Open Power Space.

Organic vs Paid Social Media

Daniel Castro, Telecommunication Engineer & Digital Entrepreneur.

Oratory in a Robotic World

Fernando Álvarez, Specialist on Coaching, Oratory, Entrepreneurship and Applied Neuroscience.

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