Ángel González

Founder & CEO

Boomer entrepreneur. He is a restless dreamer in all counts of life, and a free agent provocateur at the professional arena. A bit shy, likes to be alone and hates stupidity in life…meaning he is not very social. That is why he setup his own Social Media Advertising Company, quite paradoxical right?

Ángel does love advertising and has an extensive 30 years experience bringing brands into life while dealing with different roles at multinational agencies: from junior account executive to co-President in a journey that started in general consumer advertising and continued in healthcare branding

Back in 2009 he decided that it was about time to entrepreneur. At that stage, the horizon of the new collaborative economy was rising and, envisioning that brands were going to be co-created on what was coined as the new markets of conversations, resulted in his what next dream: Ideagoras. A dream that came true resulting in the creation of a new category that provides big value to multinational organizations in a Global, European and Spanish basis.

You can learn more about him at his Twitter profile @angel189

Chia Hwu

Managing Director & Partner
Ideagoras Silicon Valley

Chia trained as an Organic Chemist before making her way to technology and social media. Before Ideagoras, she founded Qubop, a small mobile consultancy. She was Director of Marketing at Corona Labs, where she was responsible for leading brand strategy, developer outreach, and product marketing for their mobile tools.

Her previous work includes marketing for the Google-funded 23andMe, where she built the company’s user communities, Twitter audience, Facebook Page, created a new product line, and managed some of the earliest efforts in marketing genetics to consumers. She is a coauthor of Teach Yourself the Twitter API in 24 Hours (Sams) and an expert at the integration of game mechanics and social features into mobile.

Chia’s background spans both hard sciences and two visual arts, and includes eight Silicon Valley startups. In her spare time, she makes ceramic sculpture and paints.

You can learn more about Chia from Twitter @chiah

Mónica González

Mónica González

Client Services Director

Mónica has developed her profesional career seeking a “horizontal knowledge” on digital marketing.

Graduated in Tourism by the Carlos III University, she has worked on Community management, e-mail marketing, ASO/SEO, Project Management, Account management and Business development.

Furthermore, she has experience across different industries such as Healthcare and Pharma, or FMCG and retail.

Customer’s satisfaction is her main objective. She is always aiming to improve the client-agency relationship by setting an excellence level service.

She describes herself as a team player, pro-active, and “US culture geek”

You can learn more about Mónica at her Twitter profile @monica0310

Aitana Reimóndez

Aitana Reimóndez

Social Media Manager

Much more than a content designer, she is someone able to face all creative process with a proactive attitude. Always finding solutions. Just doing what she never did, she´ll learn to do it. She loves fiercely everything she does.

She is creative and she likes to work face to face. Animals, travel the world and fashion are some of her biggest passions. She is punctual, spontaneous and very positive but, above all, she is in love with life. “Your focus determines your reality” is her mantra.

You can learn more about Aitana at her Twitter profile @itsmeaitana

Begoña Martín

Social Media Manager

She has a PhD in Pharmacy from the Complutense University and she was graduated in Chemistry by the University of Distance Education. She has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and has vast experience in Research and Development in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticaland Scientific area.

Her passion is the Health and Science spreading, collaborating in the diffusion of innovative,health- and science-related information throughout several associations. It goes hand in hand with the previous one: Social Media and Digital Marketing. With a curious and enthusiastic spirit, she is always learning new things. Her mantra: “learning from people is one of the best
ways of learning”.

You can learn more about Begoña at her Twitter profile @BegoMaFe

Sandra Ramos

Sandra Ramos

Social Media Executive

When Sandra was only a child she loved writing about anything and, because of that, she studied the degree in Journalism at University of Valladolid. Later on, she got a Master in Multimedia Journalism. She has worked for different digital media and press office agencies. A creative and curious person, relentlessly for learning, experimenting and improving her knowledge in new technologies and how these are radically changing all the sectors…including of course the way brands are built nowadays.

She is a tireless worker, dynamic, and self-demanding in the way she deals and manages projects. She loves travelling anywhere, reading and, of course, the amazing world of online communication and co-creation.

You can learn more about Sandra at her Twitter profile @Sandra__87.

Paula Bonete

Paula Bonete

Social Media Executive

Journalist, graphic designer, and now, a social media executive, because she never received the hogwarts letter (she’s still waiting). She is an unconformist and passionate about communication person.

Thinking out of the box’ is her way of working and she strongly believes that social networks are the best space for raising creativity, growing new ideas and makeup big-awesome-surprising projects. That’s why she wants to live it in the first person, working inside this amazing world.

You can learn more about Paula at her Twitter profile @PaulaBbCc

Pilar Rogina

Pilar Rogina

Social Media Junior Executive

Why do people behave the way they do? How do preference and trends evolve and develop? Those questions, together with her passion for creativity, led her to pursue a career in marketing.

Currently, she is interested in how the new technologies and social media are changing. Therefore, she is furthering her studies in Digital Marketing..She believes social media will be the leading method of communication, which incentivizes her to remain in the field. Her dream is to continue widening her marketing skills through a wide range of professional experiences. She has already discovered that team-work is the best way to learn, mature, and grow. Hence, she hopes to continue learning from peers, mentors, and supervisors.

Besides her academic and professional interests, she enjoys writing short stories, travelling and playing volley ball. She is also an animal lover and she loves music.

Rubén Gamboa

Rubén Gamboa

Social Media Designer & Editor

An image says more than a thousand words. If the image is also correctly processed it can say more than a million. Rubén is constant in this aspect and loves to work a material to turn it in something original and unique. He likes to sculpt a rock and turn it in a chocolate cake.

He studied a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Burgos. Also he studied a master in motion graphics and 3D. He has worked on television and audiovisual companies as a camera operator and video editor. He is convinced that social networks are the new engine of communication. Lover of photography, travel and music. He is also passionate about sports. An optimistic person, with initiative, and happy to work in he likes it.

“Meticulous in what I know and curious in what I do not know”. Learn more about Rubén at his Twitter profile @RubenGamboaBart

Sandra Eceizabarrena

Sandra Eceizabarrena

Managing Partner

Marketing professional with a vast experience firstly as advertiser and afterwards as practitioner in consumer advertising agencies. She set-up her own PR agency time ago, living the experience of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. At some point of her life, Sandra took a long maternity break taking care of her four kids while providing support and savvy professional advice during the management career of her husband…you guess well, his name is Ángel González

With a unique strategic vision, she has been key in providing the needed inputs to conceive and bring into life what is Ideagoras. Tireless workingwoman in all counts, she is capable to balance her responsibilities as CFO of the company with her duties as a mother

You can learn more about Sandra at her Twitter profile @eceizab4