Ideagoras BBVA

Building Social Brands at the Intersection of Tech, Creativity & Media


9am - 2pm CET

BBVA Center of Innovation, Madrid


Welcome to Ideagoras 2013!

The 5th International Ideagoras - BBVA Conference will address the avant-garde topics transforming the way we build Brands and deliver Healthcare Experiences thanks to the Social Web:

  • Trust as the new Social Currency,
  • The Collaborative Economy,
  • Empowerment with 21st Century Social Skills,
  • The Future is an Archive,
  • Transformation of Private Health into Socially Connected Health, and
  • Google Glass as a Breakthrough in the Future of Participatory Medicine.

Invitation request

Only for seniors advertisers of Healthcare Marketing

You can also join and follow the experience online through live Videostreaming and Twitter with the hashtags #SocialBBVA #Ideagoras

Agenda14 November 2013

Erich Joachimsthaler: Love Is Not Enough: Social Currency & The New Way of Building Brands.

Jeremiah Owyang: The Collaborative Economy: How People, Startups and Corporations Build New Markets.

Wen Bombrowski: Fostering the new Participatory Medicine.

Olga Navarro: Mentoring in Tech Skills while Socializing & Caring.

Pablo Gómez: Handing over the word to HCPs and Patients to foster Participatory Medicine.

Matisse VerDuyn: The Future is an Archive.

Julián Beltrán: Google Glass and the Future of Medicine.


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